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Gilad Adin

Marketing Productions

Gilad Adin  - The Leading Media Companey For Video Productions And Consultent 

Gilad Adin companey provieds 360 media solutions - from documentary movies to branding and image creation to the final social media and traditional advertisment campaigns. 

We will represents your companey in minutes - your vision, products, services and market benefits. Gilad Adin will taylor made the media tools for your needs.

The company headed by Gilad Adin has rich experience in producing video content: image films, documentaries, time-lapse movies, TV shows, biographies, and viral films for the Internet. The combination of creative thinking with so many years of producing experience brings the results we so much enjoy serving.


A promotional campaign can be a news concept, such as a news magazine-style image reporter, a promotional film can also be 'off-the-ground' documentary style, and a promotional video can be a spectacular clip in video or animation. The videos can appear on your website, be broadcast at exhibitions or be sent to reporters.


As a company that specializes in creative content, our goal is that the promotional campaign will serve you for many years to come. Even with the film intended for the event, it is possible to plan in advance to suit company visits, cut a video from the website, and simultaneously produce versions for different languages. Proper image design will accurately convey the messages and save a lot of money on additional productions in the years to come.

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