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Gilad Adin

The National Host & MC

Gilad Adin is the official Master of Ceremonies of the State of Israel.
Gilad Adin has experience in hosting events for about 30 years. His experience includes: State and public ceremonies and events, international English events, conferences, and panels on a variety of topics in the public and business sectors.

Gilad Adin directs the state ceremonies in the Prime Minister's Office (exchange of commander in chief of the Israel Defense Forces, police commissioner and many more), in the President's House, in the Knesset, in the Ministry of Education and in many public institutions.

Gilad Adin hosted the reception to the President of the United States, Donald Trump, the President Peres's Funeral and more.

Gilad Adin is one of the leading journalists and directors in Israel, known to everyone from his many years as editor and presenter of news on all television channels in Israel. For 20 years he was director, editor, producer and presenter - from Channel 2 , through the broadcasting authority as an economic reporter, editor and presenter, to the role of CEO and editor-in-chief of Channel 10 news in the troubled years of Prime Minister Sharon's collapse, the Knesset elections (Transparent studio broadcasts from Rabin Square), and the Second Lebanon War.

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