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הפקת אירועים עסקיים בישראל

The power of minorities  | Ketreyah Fouch | TEDxTelAviv
TEDx Talks

The power of minorities | Ketreyah Fouch | TEDxTelAviv Singer & songwriter from the African Hebrew Israelite community in Dimona, Israel, who has recently captured Israel with her riveting voice. At the age of 23, Ketreyah reveals her story on the TEDX Tel Aviv stage of being born and raised in Israel without citizenship and her musical journey throughout the years at home and abroad thus far. Her story must be told and certainly she tells it without hesitation. Ketreyah was born into a musical family: Mother was a singer, dancer, percussionist & actress; Her father is an extraordinary master percussionist/drummer, vibist and tap dancer; and a big brother claiming all those skills and sound engineer! She has been singing ever since she could remember and performing from an early age. The singer also breaks silence about coping with her mother’s transition at an early age due to cancer while completing her tour of duty in the IDF (israel Defense Forces). She talks about how things changed for her after she went on an Israeli talent show and almost represented Israel in the Eurovision taking second place! Ketreyah’s pure, passionate and energetic musical presentation is widely being proclaimed as truly a uniquely sublime experience. Ketreyah desires equality and recognition for her community and believes everyone can learn from one another. For her Israel is home and she sees beauty in diversity, cautioning all to love thy neighbor as thyself. This talk was given at a TEDx event using the TED conference format but independently organized by a local community. Learn more at

ההפקה היוקרתית של טד אקס בישראל!

חברת התקשורת וההפקות של מנכ"ל חדשות 10 לשעבר, גלעד עדין שמתמחה בהפקות מבוססות תוכן, בשידורים חיים ובהפקות סרטי תדמית וסרטים לאירועים, היא החברה המובילה בישראל בהפקת אירועי טד אקס

(ברישיון טד העולמי), כנסים והרצאות באמצעות הרצאות מרתקות ומופעים מרהיבים שמרגשים את הקהל באולם ואלפי אנשים בשידור חי באינטרנט בכל העולם. 

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