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Gilad Adin

Media Strategy, Lobby, Influence

Media Strategy, Lobbying, Influence 

Gilad Adin is a renowned strategic consultant who offers strategic consulting in the fields of marketing and politics, holding a notable track record and proven experience in the implementation of innovative marketing, advertising and PR strategies in all media channels, especially internet and television.

Gilad has worked personally with leaders on their media strategy, image, and appearance – especially during election campaigns.

The Gilad Adin LTD consulting firm provides the best experts in the fields of political campaigns, lobbying, international diplomacy, internal campaign management and reputation management for an election campaign.

We can help build solid and lasting alliances with entities or individuals. Ultimately these relationships promote greater strategic alliances and economic ties between leaders and countries.

Gilad Adin has a department specializing in strategy consulting for high-profile public figures. Our experience is best practiced during election campaigns and crises management.

We take close care of our clients: Beginning with the establishment of a corporate identity and corporate branding, through comprising a strategic plan outline for marketing, advertising and PR objectives, and all the way down to the execution phase of intricate corporate videos, state-of-the-art internet websites & platforms and the production of innovatively designed marketing materials. 

The firm specializes in the production of creative promotional video, corporate films, image video, firm movie, promotional movie and viral video with the distinct capacity to promote any event, conference or expo to and wide yet specified audience.

Gilad Adin has been producing video films, movies and documentaries for over two decades. Gilad Adin is one of the known television directors in Israel, having broadcast hundreds of video documentary stories & films in all three national television channels since 1990.

Gilad Adin produces innovative presentations with live narrating presenters, speaking directly to the client and eliminating the need for flesh and blood sales representatives. This form of presentation has proven especially valuable to global high - tech companies, many of which have fast embraces this client friendly and cost effective technique.

Gilad Adin has a department specializing in media training for corporate executives. The department of media training offers customized seminars for groups and/or individuals from the corporate field, organizations or the civil service, with the objective of cultivating in them a media mindset, helping to prompt media strategizing, teach matters of positioning before the camera and an audience, and the proper demeanor required in interviews and press appearances with an emphasis on media crises. 

Headed by renowned television star Gilad Adin, the firm employs an experienced staff of content and video professionals, directors, producers, copywriters, cameramen and editors as well as Israel's finest branding experts and leading web designers.

Live Coverage, Documentation& Production for Television and Internet

Gilad Adin Media & Production Firm specializes in the documentation of conferences, events and assemblies in live coverage and streaming formats, publication and distribution to all major television and internet platforms. Throughout the years the Gilad Adin Firm has reported live from national conferences, government assemblies, events held by The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, The Jewish Agency, The Israel Museum, the National Library, The Israeli Board of Higher Education, Arison Group, 'Shikun-Binui' Corporation, The Israeli Youth Assembly, the Negev Conferences, leading high-tech companies and various international assemblies whose live coverage was broadcast worldwide.



Our vast experience in the field of news

production allows the Gilad Adin Firm to assemble all aspects of production promptly and efficiently for real-time local and international coverage. Gilad Adin handpicks its team of editors, producers, and technicians on the basis of their vast experience in news production in its televised and internet formats. We maintain close ties with all major news desks and content agencies, regularly collaborating with the nation's chief television and radio stations.

To ensure outstanding coverage and prompt news bulletins, Gilad Adin himself is the Executive Producer on location. Prior to establishing the firm, Mr. Adin has held the position of CEO of Israel's Channel 10 News, editor and anchorman of Channel 1's evening news, editor and producer of various news segments that have covered local elections in all 3 of Israel's foremost broadcasting networks and holds over 20 years of experience in live television production and news.

For more information feel free to contact us:

Tel: +972-54-9009900 

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